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Default Toast City Setup (Free To Use)

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1Default Toast City Setup (Free To Use) Empty Default Toast City Setup (Free To Use) on Mon May 23, 2016 2:52 pm


Disclaimer: Everyone is free to use this role list, Some of these roles are made by me, And some others were made by other users, So in general just go check to find the users and original roles. Some of them have been changed. Credits to Town of Salem and their developers (BlankMediaGames), Orange for their investigation results, Kirize for helping with balancing, Bluji for the rules and any other makers of the roles. All of you, You are awesome.

Rules and Information:

1. Votes, unvotes and possible day actions must be slashed ( /vote or /unvote player). You must unvote before voting again.
Having at least 1 vote allows you to roleclaim due to pressure, Only 1 role claim is allowed per day phase.

2. You may not discuss:
- outside the game thread with anyone except the game mod and any people specified to you through PMs.
- in the game thread during the night phases.

3. If you are not part of the game, do not interfere with the ongoing game unless you are signing as a replacement.

4. Editing and deleting posts is highly forbidden. If you find a need to change or clarify something made in a previous post, use Edit by Way of Post (EBWOP).

5. You may not sign with more than one account.

6. In case of a tie in votes, the person who received the votes first is lynched. In case there are no votes at the deadline, no lynch occurs.

7. Inform the game mod if you are going to be V/LA (vacation/limited access) for more than one cycle (one day + one night) in total. If you want to drop out of the game, inform the game mod.

8. Day phases will last 72 hours (3 real-life days) and the night phases will last 48 hours (2 RL days).
During day phase and during voting to lynch somebody, If that person received majority of the votes at the end of the day, they will be lynched.
One extension of 48 hours can be requested per day phase, and it will only be proceeded if the majority of players agree.

9. Presenting any kind of copies of private (mod) messages (pictures, word-to-word copies) will result in a modkill. You may still paraphrase PMs, though.

10. If you find something gamebreaking, you must report it to the game mod. The game mod has the right to deny any wins gained through player replacement late in the game or by any game-breaking actions such as cheating.

11. You must post at least once every game day or you will be replaced, or in case there are no replacements available, modkilled.

12. Every player has a journal, you may always edit it by sending a private message to the game moderator, your journal will be seen upon your death. A journal may or may not have your logs depending of your role and or your actions.

13. During night, you may PM /skip to vote to skip the night phase, this action can only be done if all players agree to, though.

X. Breaking any rules may result in replacement or modkill and depending on the rule violation, a ban from the game mod’s upcoming forum games.

X. Any rules may change during the game. New rules may be added at any time.

X. To join simply say /join *Gender (Male/Female/It)* (In case you don't specify your gender, you will be automatically selected as an It).

Last Update Done at 28/05/2016 1 PM -4 and it included these changes:
-Small changes.

Citizen Power
Citizen Investigative
Citizen Protective
Citizen Support
Citizen Killing
Citizen Non-Power (x4)
Civilian (x3)
Smuggler Tactical
Smuggler Support
Smuggler Deception
Random Smuggler
Neutral Unaligned
Neutral Evil
Neutral Killing


City Roles:
The City: (Wins when no threat to the City is present.)

Citizen Vanilla:

Civilian: (Can only be rolled once if random)
-You do not have any abilities.

Citizen Investigative:

-You may PM the game moderator during night to get a clue of someone's role.

-You may pm the game moderator to investigate someone during night to know if they're suspicious or not.
-You will know if your target is: Not suspicious, A serial killer, A smuggler except for the assassin or an Arsonist.

-You may PM the game moderator to see who visits someone or yourself.
-You cannot see some visitors, Such as snipers.

Citizen Killing:

-You may PM the game moderator every night to shoot someone, You have 3 shots.
-If you die when you're shooting you won't be able to shoot.
-If you shoot a fellow citizen member you will not shoot anymore.

-You may choose to target somebody to fight each night a maximum of 4 times.
-If your target is a Citizen Vanilla, Support, Protective, Smuggler Support, Deception or Neutral Unaligned, Evil, you will kill them.
-If your target is a Citizen Power, Killing, Smuggler Tactical or Assassin you will distract them.
-If your target is a Neutral Killing, they will kill you.
-If you kill a fellow citizen you will never pick up your gloves again.

Insomniac: (Unique)
-You may go alert during night a maximum of 3 times.
-When alert, you cannot be killed and you will kill anyone who visits you bypassing night immunities.
-You are immune to distractions.

Citizen Support:

-You may PM the game moderator to distract someone every night, And you are immune to distractions.
-If you distract the serial killer you will die.

Gravedigger: (Unique)
-During night you will automatically gain all information such as roles, actions and what happened to all dead unchecked players who are not Neutral Evil, Killing or a Smuggler.
-You are immune to distractions.

Transporter: (Unique)
-You may PM the game moderator 2 targets to completly swap, All actions done to them are swapped, You can transport yourself too.
-You will not be able to transport jailed targets and will not know if one of your targets was jailed.
-You are immune to distractions.

Merchant: (Unique)
-You may target a maximum of 3 targets, one per night.
-Targets will then receive maximum protection supplies which will block all visitors for the night they use it.
-Supplies only work once, you also have an extra one for yourself.

Citizen Power:

Warden (Unique)
-You may PM the game moderator every night to jail someone, Your prisoner is safe from all attacks and cannot do their ability, You can execute them bypassing immunities and have 2 executions.
-You can talk with your prisoner with an external chat anonymously.
-If you jail the serial killer and not execute them they will kill you.
-Executing a fellow citizen will disallow you to execute.

Wizard (Unique)
-You may PM the game moderator once to bring someone back to life.
-If you are attacked while you haven't revived anyone you will be immune, loosing your revival.

Citizen Protective:

-You may PM the game moderator to counter-attack someone who attacks someone that you choose during night, Preventing them from dying and ignoring all kinds of immunities.
-You may PM the game moderator to use a vest during night to protect yourself from attacks.
-Targets are priorized in this order: Neutral Killing > Smuggler > Cop/Boxer.
-You cannot protect from sniper attacks.

-You may PM the game moderator to stay at someone's house and protect them during night.
-You may PM the game moderator to stay alert protecting yourself from attacks during night once.
-You will know if you or your target is attacked.

Smuggler Roles:
Smugglers: (Wins when making up majority of total living players, can communicate via an external chat during night phases.)

Smuggler Head: (Can leave a death note on the victim's corpse)

Assassin: (Unique)
-You may PM the game moderator to realize a kill on a player.
-You are immune to death at night.
-Cowboys will see you as Not Suspicious.

Smuggler Tactical: (Can sacrifice their night action for killing someone, If killing can leave a death note on the victim's corpse)

Ward: (Unique)
-You can do one of a smuggler's job once per person in the smugglers.
-If a smuggler dies, you may take their position.

Blackmailer (Unique)
-You may PM the game moderator to send an anonymous message to somebody a maximum of 3 times during day.
-You may visit somebody to see what roles visit them a maximum of 3 times.

Sniper: (Unique)
-You may PM the game moderator to shoot when the assassin allows you to.
Your shots ignore sacrifices and and eagle-eyes but will make the smugglers not able to kill during the current and next night.
-You own one bullet that goes trough immunities.

Smuggler Deception: (Can sacrifice their night action for killing someone, If killing can leave a death note on the victim's corpse)

-You may PM the game moderator to change the complete journal of someone during night a maximum of 3 times, illussions carry until the next day.

-You may PM the game moderator to manipulate information so when someone is investigated they are seen as a manipulator or member of the smugglers during night.
-You can also manipulate a fellow smuggler so they are seen good by the cowboy, But will still be seen as a manipulator by the detective.
-Manipulated targets will ¨visit¨ whoever the smuggler killer visits.

-You may PM the game moderator for eviscerating someone, Making their journal and role not visible to the city except for yourself, the only death reason visible is "Killed by a Smuggler".
-You can only do your ability 3 times and it'll only work if the person dies when you were eviscerating them.

Smuggler Support: (Can sacrifice their night action for killing someone, If killing may leave a death note on their victim's corpse)

-You may PM the game moderator to haunt somebody's dreams, disallowing them to visit somebody else.
-Your second target can be anybody.
-Your haunted target will know who they're disallowed to visit.
-Your haunted target will know if you change mind.

-You may PM the game moderator to get the exact role of someone during night.

-You may PM the game moderator to distract someone disallowing them to complete their action.
-If your target is a serial killer they will kill you instead.
-You are immune to distractions.

Scout: (Unique)
-You may PM the game moderator to go alert during night, When alert you will warn the current smuggler killing if their target is too dangerous to kill (Being protected, Being watched, Already dead, etc)
-You may only use your ability 3 times.
-You are invisible to eagle-eyes.

Neutral Roles:
Neutral Unaligned: (Wins when any other faction reaches a win condition.)

-You have 3 alerts, You may PM the game moderator during night to use them to protect yourself from attacks.
-If lynched you are forced to make one of your voters die of guilt.

Bounty Hunter:
-You may PM the game moderator to become a non-unique dead role during night.

-You may PM the game moderator to visit someone during night and communicate with them anonymously via an external chat.
-Your target can choose to own you or not, If they own you you may distract all visitors of your owner and you a maximum of 3 times, Your name is no longer anonymous upon being owned.
-Your owner and you will meet the same fate and vice-versa, If your owner dies you will need to find a new owner.  
-Your owner and you will know when each other are jailed.
-You are immune to distractions and you will know how much people you distract.

-You have 1 dagger which allows you to kill someone, bypassing any night immunities and will eviscerate your target.
-You will gain your target's abilities, journal and anything that has happened to them (Doused, Electrocution, Etc)
-Without a dagger, you will commit suicide on shame, if two or more actors attack the same target, all actors will loose their dagger.

Neutral Evil: (Wins when any faction except the City wins.)

-You may steal a maximum of 3 journals from the citizen, also disallowing them to make another one.
-Stolen journals will be returned on your death.
-You cannot steal journals from third parties or smugglers.

Voodoo: (Unique)
-You may PM the game moderator to make someone target someone of your choice while also getting a clue of their role every night.
-Your targets will know they have been controlled.

Neutral Killing: (Wins when they are the last man standing, wins all ties in a final two scenario, may leave a death note on the victim's corpse.)

Serial Killer:
-You may PM the game moderator every night to kill someone, If you are distracted you will kill the distracter instead.
-If you are jailed and not executed you will escape and kill the warden.
-You are immune to death at night.

-You may charge somebody every night, your target will not know they were charged, Charges bypass night immunities.
-If two charged targets make contact (One visits the other), both will die.
-If a charged target is charged again, they will die.
-If you charge everyone who you don't win with, it will be announced as ¨The electricity feels quite dangerous.¨ during day.
-If everyone you don't win with is charged, you may choose to kill them all.
-You are electric and kill immune during night.

-You may douse somebody in gas every night, your target will not know they have been doused.
-You may choose to ignite to kill all doused targets.
-Doused targets will appear as Arsonist or Doused to Detectives, Cowboys and Informers.
-You are immune to death at night.
-If you do nothing during night, you will clean gasoline off yourself.

Detective Investigation Results:
Your target wants blood to be seen. They could be a Boxer (Citizen: Killing), Sniper or Ward (Smuggler: Tactical)

Your target distracts others out of manipulation. They could be a Clown (Citizen: Support), Saboteur (Smuggler: Support), Haunter (Smuggler: Support) or Shelterseeker (Neutral: Unaligned).

Your target runs from place to place in the darkness, They could be a Transporter (Citizen: Support), Sacrifice (Citizen: Protective), Thief (Neutral: Evil) or Electrician (Neutral: Killing.)

Your target wears old bloody clothes, They could be a Wizard (Citizen: Power), Guard (Citizen: Protective) or Serial Killer (Neutral: Killing).

Your target gathers information out of other people. They could be a Detective (Citizen: Investigative), Informer (Smuggler: Support) or Voodoo (Neutral: Evil).

Your target has an unamusing and casual look. They could be a Civilian (Citizen: Vanilla), Cowboy (Citizen: Investigative), Assassin or Survivor (Neutral: Unaligned).

Your target looks at all details around them. They could be an Eagle-eye (Citizen: Investigative), Scout (Smuggler: Tactical), Blackmailer (Smuggler: Tactical) or Illussionist (Smuggler: Deception).

Your target visits the local graveyard frequently. They could be a Gravedigger (Citizen: Support), Eviscerator (Smuggler: Deception), Bounty Hunter or Actor. (Neutral: Unaligned.)

Your target is extremelly short-tempered, they might be a Cop, Insomniac (Citizen: Killing) or Electrician (Neutral: Killing.)

Your target isn’t even trying to hide their evel deeds. They must be a Manipulator! (Smuggler: Deception)

Informer Investigation Results:
Your target has a terrible smell of gasoline, they must be an Arsonist (Neutral: Killing).
Your target has a protective suit for high voltage, They must be an Electrician. (Neutral: Killing)
Your target has an extensive knife collection, they must be a Serial Killer. (Neutral: Killing)
Your target has a cauldron and potion making supplies, they must be the Voodoo. (Neutral: Evil)
Your target is looking for the best of other's pertenencies, they must be a Bounty Hunter. (Neutral: Unaligned)
Your target owns a dagger and wears fancy clothes, they must be an Actor (Neutral: Unaligned)
Your target owns a couple of vests from their army days, they must be a Survivor. (Neutral: Unaligned)
Your target is a robber of journals, they must be the Thief. (Neutral: Evil)
Your target gets in other's houses in the look of a home, they must be a Shelterseeker. (Neutral: Unaligned)
Your target gives others terrible visions, they must be a Haunter. (Smuggler: Support)
Your target owns many supplies to clear evidence, they must be an Eviscerator. (Smuggler: Deception)
Your target is your boss, they must be the Assasin. (Smuggler: Head)
Your target hides in the bushes from far away to shoot, They must be the Sniper (Smuggler: Tactical)
Your target has technological devices in hand, They must be the Blackmailer. (Smuggler: Tactical)
Your target looks at every single detail, they must be the Scout. (Smuggler: Tactical)
Your target leaves incriminating evidence lying around, they must be a Manipulator. (Smuggler: Deception)
Your target has detailed records of other citizen's posessions, they must be an Informer. (Smuggler: Support)
Your target has a disturbing smile on their face, they must be a Saboteur. (Smuggler: Support)
Your target has a passion on comedy, they must be a Clown. (Citizen: Support)
Your target moves an expensive and high technologic carriage, they must be the Transporter. (Citizen: Support)
Your target keeps sheets of paper of citizen, they must be a Detective. (Citizen: Investigative)
Your target watches others with a strange eye to gain information, they must be an Eagle-eye. (Citizen: Investigative)
Your target has a hidden golden star badge, they must be a Cowboy. (Citizen: Investigative)
Your targets owns a prison cell in their basement, they must be the Warden. (Citizen: Power)
Your target scares away visitors off houses, they must be a Guard. (Citizen: Protective)
Your target has some totems and old books in their house, they must be the Wizard. (Citizen: Power)
Your target is a trained military soldier, they must be a Sacrifice. (Citizen: Protective)
Your target stays awake all night while drinking coffee, they might be the Insomniac. (Citizen: Killing)
Your target owns a shovel and a backpack, they must be the Gravedigger. (Citizen: Support)
Your target serves justice violently, They must be a Cop. (Citizen: Killing)
Your target fights a sandbag in their freetime, They must be a Boxer. (Citizen: Killing)
Your target sleeps all night relaxed, they must be a Civilian. (Citizen: Vanilla)

Unique: Means there may not be duplicates of this role in a match.

Journal: A note full of text that the player may have and edit anytime.

Death Note: Similar to a journal, But doesn't show it's owner.

Victory Conditions:
-You win with Citizen.
-You can spare Neutral Unaligned.
-You must kill Smugglers, Neutral Evil, Neutral Killing.

-You win with Smugglers.
-You can spare Neutral Unaligned, Neutral Evil.
-You must kill Citizen, Neutral Killing.

Bounty Hunter:
-You must become a role that isn't bounty hunter, and achieve their goal.

-You must live to see your owner win the game.

-You can spare Everyone.

-You must become a role that isn't actor, and achieve their goal.

Neutral Evil:
-You can spare Smugglers, Neutral Killing, Neutral Evil, Neutral Unaligned.
-You must kill Citizen.

Neutral Killing:
You can spare Neutral Unaligned, Neutral Evil.
-You must kill Citizen, Smugglers, Neutral Killing (That aren't the same role than you).

I will conquer it all with the power of my MIND! Residays

We currently have 200/1600 credits to buy a 1 year domain. To speed up this process, please check the Your Journey In Toast Town thread, thank you.
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