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Toast Town » Forum Games Park » BtM T1: Manor Party Murders: Signup Phase

BtM T1: Manor Party Murders: Signup Phase

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1BtM T1: Manor Party Murders: Signup Phase Empty BtM T1: Manor Party Murders: Signup Phase on Sun May 29, 2016 10:14 pm


This game was stolen from the Town of Salem forums. (Not my original idea)

Behind The Masks: Manor Party Murders


"So once again the time has come."


"What do you mean? I don't need to kill them? You know very well that they're the cause of this happening, if i don't stop them now then you know what will happen. Besides that they're greedy bastards anyway."


"Maybe next time. By the way don't you have your own assignment? If i don't go now i'll miss the portal."

The 15 most important members of this company will be attending to the mask party on the CEO's manor! I mean we're near through a breakthrough that will change the world the biggest discovery of the 22nd century! Soon we'll discover the mysteries of that ancient temple. Wait what's happening? Who's that... is that... a Monster?

Welcome everyone to Behind The Masks! In this game you will choose a mask that you think best suit you for this rather elegant situation, a massive struggle for survival due to a sudden apparition of a monster that promises riches and the secrets of the ancient palace, but remember only one of you will walk out of this situation alive!




You are a Bodyguard!
You were hired to guard the CEO of this party and since he was feeling generous he allowed you to participate of the party, that would be a joyous experience if weren't for some kind of monster trying to murder everyone in a twisted game. The only one you are interested in protecting now is yourself.

Three times per game, during the Dinner Phase, you may intimidate one player, preventing them from challenging anyone that phase. They are forced to accept all challenges. PM the Moderator to use this power.
If you intimidate a player, the intimidated player will be announced at the beginning of the Challenge Phase.


You are a Blackmailer!
Well you aren't party of the company but you asked them to invite you and they did, why? Simple you know every single dirty secret of everyone working for that CEO and you have him in the palm of your hands, all this life of luxury suddenly stopped by this horrid situation, who would've guessed that the party would end up like this? In any occasion you still have secrets that everyone would rather be dead than for these to be revealed, it's just a matter of time.

During the Dinner Phase, you may blackmail one player. PM the Moderator to use this power.
Blackmailed players must challenge during the Challenge Phase, or will die. Only the blackmailed player will know that they are blackmailed.

Hardware Overseer

You are the Hardware Overseer!
You were promoted and invited to this damned party after thousands of hours working for this ridiculous company, at least something nice will come from working for these greedy corporation. Well that was you thought before everything went to shit, i supposed that you're the unluckiest person in that department, your only chance to survive was that you can make any hardware you want the best it can be something fairly useful when you need to win a "friendly" video game competition that may decide who lives and who dies.

At the beginning of the Action Phase, you will be notified of the intended winner(s) of the accepted Fighting Video Game Challenge(s).
Three times per game, during the Action Phase, you may change the winner of a Fighting Video Game Challenge. PM the Moderator to use this power. You may use this ability once on yourself.


You are a Decorator!
You were invited to this party after doing a stellar job coordinating and doing the decoration for the corporation so they decided that you deserved a reward, if only that rewards didn't look like a death sentence. You might be a simple decorator but with enough decoration and presents you know that anybody will be your friend!

During the Action Phase, you may choose one player to anonymously give presents. (PM the host to use this power.)
Players that have been given a Present will not be able to guess whether anyone is the Decorator for the rest of the game.
Credit to NesMettaur

Software Supervisor
You're the guy that makes everything work, without you the machines, the research, everything wouldn't be possible. After working way too much a little break was deserved, this party would be the perfect way to relax. Now it seems like you're stressed even more, with your cunning and a bit knowledge about these new era consoles inside the manor you can gain an advantage through cheating.

Any dance game challenges you make secretly count as fighting game challenges.
It will still appear to be a dance game.
The Hardware Overseer and The Programmer will know the difference.
Once per game, you may initiate a "Face Off"
The "Face Off" takes place after the dinner phase.
During this phase, all players secretly vote on another player.
Players can vote for themselves.
The two highest voted players will participate in a fighting game, and the loser will be killed.
In the event of a tie, the Knight may choose the combatants.
Credit to Blackajack


You are a Hitman!
It was supposed to be a simple job, simply assassinate some boring CEO at some boring party. Easy money and everyone ends up happy well unless you were the CEO. After a couple of minutes that the party started a strange situation arose, some weird creature is now holding everyone inside the place and the last one alive will win big. They don't stand a chance, armed with your silenced pistols this job just got way more interesting.

Once per voting phase, you may shoot one person. They will not survive the shot unless they are the Soldier. If you shoot the Soldier, the Soldier will not die.
You can only shoot losers of duels/dances.
Additionally, you also gain an additional shooting every time you defeat a player in a duel or dance.
The shooting is silent, meaning it does not reveal your role.
You cannot store more than 1 shot at a time.
You start off with one shot.

Credit to Blackajack.


You are a Programmer!
You never got along with the hardware overseer nor the software supervisor, they always undermined your work. Even if you're just a programmer the advantage of knowing the variables that the dancing video game uses will be of great help judging that they will be a important part of surviving this madness.

At the beginning of the Action Phase, you will be notified of the intended winner(s) of the accepted video game dance(s).
Three times per game, during the Action Phase, you may change the winner of a video game dance. PM the Moderator to use this power. You may use this ability once on yourself.


You are a Butler!
You're the butler of this manor, there isn't a single thing in this manor that happens without you knowing. This job is not worth dying for and luckily you have a natural advantage of knowing every part of this manor.

You will be notified whenever the Blacksmith or the Musician interferes in a challenge.
You will be notified of any secret plate switches.
You will be notified of the original target for the poisoner. (Not post-switch)

Being the personal doctor of a big CEO has it's advantages, lots of cash, invitations to cool parties, the struggle of surviving... Wait struggling to survive isn't a perk of that, but you'll have to survive this scenario after accepting the invitation to this party! Thank goodness that you brought all of that adrenaline and morphine!

Each voting phase, you may apply morphine somebody's food. Their position on the lists will be RNG'ed to a lower position. Cannot be stopped by Premium Food,
Each voting phase, instead of applying morphine, you may hide an adrenaline injector. This will bring them to the top of both lists for one phase(above everything), but they will suffer by being on the bottom of both lists for two phases. Cannot be stopped by Premium Food.


You are a Chemist!
You were hired to discover what the materials on the ancient temple were made of. Although not a whole lot of progress was made on that front you were invited to the party anyway, maybe with the information locked inside the temple will give you clues. Oh damn it something bad is happening and you don't want to die do you? Then the only chance that you have is to put your knowledge of chemistry to poison everyone else and be the last one alive.

You may poison a player's food during the Voting Phase. If they eat it, they will die during the dinner phase. PM the Moderator to use this power.


You are the CEO!
Running a company this big isn't an easy task and you know it, after a long and arduous journey you will finally decipher the secrets that your father couldn't in that god forsaken temple. Threats to your life are usually common and even in an order of disarray you still maintain your cool, imposing your authority.

Your vote counts as two during the Voting Phase. PM the moderators to cast your second vote secretly.
Once per game, during the Voting Phase, you may force an execution. PM the Moderator to use this power.

Head of Security

You are a Head of Security!
You are the Chief of the security of the company, naturally they would want you to provide the security of the party as well as have a little bit of fun. After all the guards were murdered and the manor compromised the only option left was to comply to the orders of the creature. Being an ex-military that went through wars and came back you learned the true nature of people around you, those who would attempt to murder you silently with poisons and assassinations, you can identify any poison and you can defend yourself against any attempt of assassination.

You are immune to poison.
You are immune to being shot, but will not kill the MAA.


You are a Student!
During your college years, you could never confine yourself to a single field of study. Thankfully, a natural knack for learning led to the collection of a wide variety of skills. Working for a company this big is bound to give you the edge you need to be superior to everyone else!

Each time you lose a duel or dance, you move up two slots on the corresponding list. Dead players count as being on the lists.

Cat Burglar

You are the Cat Burglar!
You're still the best one at this job there isn't anywhere in this world that you can't pull of a heist! Your crew informed you about this party of a bunch of rich members of a well known giant enterprise are gathering up, stealing the identity of one of the members was fairly easy, swiping this entire party of valuables would be piece of cake if you weren't stuck fighting for your life in a life threatening event.

Each dinner phase you may switch player's plates up to 5 times without their knowledge. PM the Moderator to use this power. If the poisoner dies, you will become the new poisoner.

You are a cyborg created by a company, packing a facial readjust system you can pretend to be anyone in this world, the company has provided an identity and credentials that were bribed from an opportunistic employee of the rival company seeking for some quick cash.

Booting, Directive Loaded, Infiltrate the event and steal critical files about the rival company's discovery at the party. Analyzing... Anomalous situation encountered... Overriding... Self-Learning A.I. activated to ensure safety.

Once per game, if you are being executed, you may change yourself to match every single characteristic of that person, making the monster execute the person you're mimicking.
The person you mimic must have voted for you AND lost a challenge.
You will become their role, and assume all attributes/gifts they had(you will still keep mask name though).

Host Specific Quirks:
Any death stake guesses being made are final, so you better be sure of what you are doing before you actually do.

Challenge Phase:
During this phase you may issue one challenge or not challenge at all, for a challenge to proceed it must be accepted by the inquiring opponent, denying challenges is an option but consumes your deny count, you can acquire denies by participating in challenges in form of gifts. The winner of said challenge is decided by the position that the roles are in specific lists, interferences may change the outcome of a challenges during the Action Phase.

Duel List:
Drug Dealer

Dance List:
Drug Dealer

Conversion List:
Barbarian -> Bodyguard
Blackmailer -> Blackmailer
Blacksmith -> Hardware Overseer
Gardener -> Decorator
Knight -> Software Supervisor
MAA -> Hitman
Drug Dealer -> Medic
Poisoner -> Chemist
Musician -> Programmer
Peasant -> Butler
Royal -> CEO
Student -> Student
Soldier -> Head of security
Thief -> Cat Burglar
Mystic -> Cyborg

Action Phase
During this phase, most secondary actions will take part in this phase. Look at your role card to see when you can do each action.

After the action phase, duels and dances will be carried out.

Voting Phase
Anyone who loses a duel or a dance is eligible for voting. The Royal can vote twice, but otherwise each person gets to vote once.

If you are voted off by the group, you will be formally executed and be officially removed from the game. Roles are not revealed upon death. No-one can be executed on the first turn.

Additionally, during this phase, if you took part in a challenge (Regardless of whether you won or lost) you may PM me for your choice of gift. There are 7 gifts to choose from -

Free guess - You can guess someone's role the following dinner phase. You cannot store free guesses, and you can only make one guess per dinner phase. This gift remains active, and the guess must be PM'd to me. If you do not use the free guess in the phase you acquire it, it will be wasted. You cannot have more than 1 of this gift.
Free deny - You can get an additional deny to use for challenges.
Free switch - Free plate switch that allows you to pass your food to other people.
Guess immunity - You may ask for guess immunity, preventing you from being guessed for that dinner phase. Any guesses on you will be rendered invalid, regardless of whether correct or not. This gift is automatically used on the phase you acquired it. You cannot have more than 1 of this gift.
Premium food - Upon receiving this gift, you will be given food that cannot be poisoned. If the poisoner selected food that is premium, it will have no effect. This gift is automatically used on the phase you acquire it. You cannot have more than 1 of this gift.
Gift Reserve - This gift can be redeemed at any point later in the game for a gift of your choosing. You can only hold up to 1 of this gift at a time.
Lottery Ticket - If you are the only one to take this gift, you get 2x the amount of gifts.

Dinner Phase
After all the other phases, the 15 will sit and eat dinner. During this time, you can choose to swap plates with anybody else. Poisoned food will immediately kill the eater unless they are the Solider or have premium food. Peasant will know which food was originally poisoned after the dinner phase. The Thief may perform 5 hidden swaps every dinner phase.

If you want to signup, please type /join and give yourself an unique mask. There are 15 spots.

Signups (Bolded means confirmed!)
1 -
2 -
3 -
4 -
5 -
6 -
7 -
8 -
9 -
10 -
11 -
12 -
13 -
14 -
15 -

Back ups:

None yet.

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2BtM T1: Manor Party Murders: Signup Phase Empty Re: BtM T1: Manor Party Murders: Signup Phase on Sun May 29, 2016 10:23 pm


You probably should fix those size tags.

I will conquer it all with the power of my MIND! Residays

We currently have 200/1600 credits to buy a 1 year domain. To speed up this process, please check the Your Journey In Toast Town thread, thank you.
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3BtM T1: Manor Party Murders: Signup Phase Empty Re: BtM T1: Manor Party Murders: Signup Phase on Sun May 29, 2016 10:29 pm


Just gonna lock this thread fn, and fix dem tags. Smile

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4BtM T1: Manor Party Murders: Signup Phase Empty Re: BtM T1: Manor Party Murders: Signup Phase on Mon May 30, 2016 2:28 am


Did you get permission from the Mods on the ToS Forums?
The BtM Mods(Blackajack, Vucub and SirCakez), not the GMods

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5BtM T1: Manor Party Murders: Signup Phase Empty Re: BtM T1: Manor Party Murders: Signup Phase on Mon May 30, 2016 6:53 pm


Not yet.

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6BtM T1: Manor Party Murders: Signup Phase Empty Re: BtM T1: Manor Party Murders: Signup Phase on Tue May 31, 2016 2:19 am


In that case I'm going to lock this until you do

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7BtM T1: Manor Party Murders: Signup Phase Empty Re: BtM T1: Manor Party Murders: Signup Phase on Tue May 31, 2016 1:03 pm


I got permission. and good luck!

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